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Author: Bryan Krausen

vExpert Stickers – 2017 Edition

Once again, I’ve teamed up with a member of the vCommunity to give out free vExpert stickers. This year, Jim Jones is helping out. This makes the 4th year in a row I’ve had stickers printed and mailed them all over the world to show my appreciation to my fellow vExperts. I’ve only ordered 100 for now but can get more quickly if the demand arises. If you still want some of the vExpert stickers with stars, as posted here, let me know as I still have a stack of them left. You can also purchase them on the...

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AWS Certifications – Where to Start

In the last year, I’ve been putting a heavy focus on Amazon Web Services, specifically on obtaining as many of the certifications as feasible. Throughout this fairly vocal process, I am frequently asked the same questions from folks looking to get started on AWS certs: What order should I take the tests and what study materials should one use? I’ve done several posts on my exam preparation and experience (here, here, and here) but wanted to do a quick write up that encompasses the entire ‘suite’ of tests. Which exam should I start with? My recommendation for anyone starting with...

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AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional – Study Guide and Exam Experience

As I posted on Twitter, I’m happy to say that I’ve officially passed the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional exam while at AWS re:Invent 2016. This was a goal I’ve had for quite a while and, a month or two ago, I finally took the plunge and scheduled the exam. While the exam experience wasn’t perfect (see below), I learned a TON (kind of the point, right?) and it was overall completely worth the hours spent studying. As a direct result, my confidence on the AWS platform increased substantially and got my week started off with a bang!...

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Amazon Web Services – Sizing a VPC and Subnet

Shorter post here but wanted to quickly share some information regarding IP addressing within an AWS VPC and subnets. As you might know, when you create a VPC you specify the CIDR block that you’ll be utilizing. Once your VPC is created, you’ll need to create subnets within that CIDR block for resources to attach to. For example, if you create a VPC using a CIDR block of, you can create subnets using 10.0.x.x/x. Therefore subnets created within this VPC could be,, etc. These subnets don’t have to be limited to a /24, they can be...

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Amazon Web Services: What Is AWS Config?

AWS Config is a managed service which provides auditing and compliance, configuration history, and resources inventory and relationships across your AWS infrastructure. It provides valuable information for auditors and security teams but also help assist in determining why the state of your instance or application recently changed. Config works by creating ‘snapshots’ of configurations using JSON and comparing the original to future ‘snapshots.’ Config also dumps these JSON files to an S3 bucket of your choosing, allowing you to give your auditing team read-only access to ensure changes are audited. As an example, let’s assume your application running on AWS is suddenly unavailable...

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