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Author: Bryan Krausen

Cloud Field Day 2 – First Time Caller

I’m thrilled to say that I’m officially headed to Cloud Field Day 2 next week as my first time as a delegate for the Tech Field Day events. I’ve been following these events for quite a while yet never thought I’d get the opportunity to attend one in person, so you can imagine I’m pretty excited. Who: 12 Delegates along with 9 sponsors, all focused on Cloud technology and/or integration What: As taken from the TFD site, Field Day events bring together innovative IT product vendors and independent thought leaders to share information and opinions in a presentation and discussion format. Where: Cloud...

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Rubrik – Cloud Cluster

As announced in April, Rubrik is no longer available in only its initial, physical form. You can now run Rubrik on both Amazon Web Services and Azure, providing the same functionality and simplicity for your workloads running in a public cloud. As Eric Shanks wrote in his article here, a huge benefit of this is reducing the requirements for that backup data to traverse your VPN or DirectConnect. Additionally, with the addition of Rubrik Edge, customers who wish to maintain a minimal footprint for their on-prem data center can still reap the benefits of the simplicity of Rubrik. Similar to a...

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Comparing Toolsets for Automating Cloud Infrastructure

As organizations begin considering the addition of Cloud utilization within their environments, we frequently see the entry points focused on application development. Specifically, IT organizations need to make the proper environments readily available to developers to facilitate the required pace of innovation in today’s market. Without this capability, organizations risk their first-to-market strategy and increased competition from rival organizations. Traditionally, application development is somewhat decelerated by the lack of agility and automation within a business’ IT infrastructure. Submitting a service request to the infrastructure team for a test/dev environment is no longer a scalable option due to the increasing...

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vExpert Stickers – 2017 Edition

Once again, I’ve teamed up with a member of the vCommunity to give out free vExpert stickers. This year, Jim Jones is helping out. This makes the 4th year in a row I’ve had stickers printed and mailed them all over the world to show my appreciation to my fellow vExperts. I’ve only ordered 100 for now but can get more quickly if the demand arises. If you still want some of the vExpert stickers with stars, as posted here, let me know as I still have a stack of them left. You can also purchase them on the...

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AWS Certifications – Where to Start

In the last year, I’ve been putting a heavy focus on Amazon Web Services, specifically on obtaining as many of the certifications as feasible. Throughout this fairly vocal process, I am frequently asked the same questions from folks looking to get started on AWS certs: What order should I take the tests and what study materials should one use? I’ve done several posts on my exam preparation and experience (here, here, and here) but wanted to do a quick write up that encompasses the entire ‘suite’ of tests. Which exam should I start with? My recommendation for anyone starting with...

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