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Author: Dan Kelly

Fibre Channel – Making FC Easy

Being mainly and systems guy for most of my career, the words Fibre Channel always seemed like a technology that required heavy networking training. I would like to think I know enough about basic networking to troubleshoot and remediate issues, but FC sounded like a foreign language.  I found myself in a situation were I was responsible for installing a Cisco UCS without local storage and connect it to an EMC VNX5400.  I worked and got  the equipment was racked, powered on, configured, and all the cables connected to where they needed to go. Everything was going smoothly and working...

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Infrastructure Upgrade: Part 1

Recently I came across the opportunity to take on a full infrastructure rebuild. Having never tackled a project with such a wide scope, I decided to jump in head first. New infrastructure means new technology and new equipment and getting my hands on products I may not have a ton of experience with. For some, that it an extremely daunting task, but for me it drives me and forces me to push myself and learn new things. Over a series of posts, I’d like to go through the phases of the build out from start to finish. I am...

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Powershell 4.0 – Desired State Configuration

If you’re like most Systems Admins you look for ways you can automate processes and build a more proactive and self-healing environment.  There are many applications out there which can be used to automate and orchestrate your environment. Some of the most common are:  Puppet, Chef, Ansible and Salt.  While all of these are very robust applications, there are some downsides if you are a windows heavy shop.  All of them have a pretty steep learning curve and require some sort of in-depth training to really comprehend and utilize them.  Secondly, although they all may integrate with windows, sometimes it’s...

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Powershell Part 1 – Auditing, Power through with the shell.

At some point in their lives most IT employees will feel the stress that comes with auditing. Auditing tends to strike fear into the hearts of most people, but with some basic powershell knowledge you can cover all your needs. With a couple simple commands you can pull quick Active Directory reports to satisfy your needs with minimal effort and hair pulling.  This is the first in a series of blogs that will help you get familiar enough with powershell to gain confidence using what truly is a robust and powerful tool at your fingertips, and best part it’s...

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Shavlik – Nice to Meet You

One of the biggest struggles in IT is finding an easy and consistent method for maintaining all your systems. Laptops, Desktops, Tablets and Servers all provide unique issues when it comes to patching, updating and keeping them secure. For workstations we can rely on Microsoft/Windows update, but what about all those other 3rd party applications and in-house applications?  For Servers we can’t really just set them to patch whenever updates are available because we risk causing major outages in production.  For laptops how do we keep them compliant when half the time they never connect to our network to...

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