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Blog: Year in Review

Blog: Year in Review

It’s no secret my blog doesn’t contain the massive content or get the traffic that others get, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed ramping it up the past year nonetheless. I started blogging a few years ago but never put much time or effort into content or posts until this year. In March of this year, my former colleague and I decided to try to put more effort into it and see what happens. Both of us have almost 15 years in enterprise IT and have a passion to teach and help others, hence the decision to move forward. So we bought a new domain, changed hosting providers, sunk hours into customizing the site, and here we are.

In 2014, we published 59 total posts, 28 of which were imported from my old site. Below is a graph of the posts per month. It’s a good start but it’s a stat I want to ramp up next year. And now that I look at it, I’m kind of disappointed as I thought we had more posts.

Posts Per Month


Our site doesn’t have any sponsors so hits per day is simply a personal goal. I enjoy looking at the stats as it lets me know if my content is helping anybody. I admit it’s also just fun to watch as well 🙂 As you can see, my hits/month drastically increased throughout the year, something I attribute to multiple factors: connecting with other professionals on Twitter, getting added to the @Planetv12N twitter feed, and most of all, posting quality content that I’m proud to share. Again, my hits/month is nothing compare to many but we have to start somewhere and I think we’ve done well for our first year 🙂



Top Posts for 2014:

  1. Migrating Existing VMware Environment to a New vCenter
  2. VMware vCOps – Custom UI & Active Directory Integration
  3. Radware AppDirector – Configuration: Basic Application
  4. vCOps Custom UI – Customizing the Generic Scoreboard
  5. VCAP-DCD 5.5 – Resources and Links

Goals for 2015:

I’m a big proponent in setting and working towards goals, so natually I’ve come up with a few for the site:

  • As I mentioned earlier, I want to focus on adding a lot more content while continuing to ensure quality and interest to the community.
  • Expand our lab environment so we may evaluate more products, run performance tests, ability to run proof of concepts, and, most of all…expand our knowledge and skills.
  • Eventually get sponsors which would assist with home lab expenses, giveaways, etc.

In closing, I want to thank everybody who has read our blog this year and we truly hope you’ve found some articles useful. Thank you to the #vCommunity for the support and those who gave me the avenues to share my posts with others.





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Bryan Krausen is currently working as a Sr. Solutions Architect with experience in a vast number of platforms, specializing in AWS and HashiCorp tools.

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