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Configuring EMC RecoverPoint for use with VMware Site Recovery Manager

Configuring EMC RecoverPoint for use with VMware Site Recovery Manager

In RecoverPoint, Consistency Groups are used to define a group of LUNs that are replicated together. EMC documentation suggests that you group all SRM protection groups into a single (or very few) consistency groups within RecoverPoint. In our case, we’ve created two consistency groups, one to manage replication from Louisville to Chicago, and one to manage replication from Chicago to Louisville. The initial deployment we’re using will contain a single 2TB replicated LUN in each consistency group, which will likely grow tremendously over time.

After you’ve configured RecoverPoint and your consistency groups, you need to make sure that the RecoverPoint settings are changed in order for Site Recovery Manager to manage it. The changes are fairly simple but I’ve found that one of the required options isn’t documented. In the screenshot below, you can see what settings need to be changed in order for SRM to see and utilize the Consistency Group and it’s replicated LUNs.

Browse to the Consistency Group, select the Group Policy tab, and notice the “External Management” settings at the bottom. By default, the external application is set to ‘none’ and Managed By is set to RecoverPoint.

  • External Application drop down must be set to SRM.
  • ‘Managed By’ must be changed to “External Application“.

**Note: You must change the policy on each Consistency Group that you’ll be using for Site Recovery Manager.



After changing the settings above you should now be able to rescan the Array Pair and see the newly configured replication.

SRM-Array Pair





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