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Migrating VMs between Port Groups with Drag & Drop

Migrating VMs between Port Groups with Drag & Drop

Need to migrate a bunch of VMs to a different port group but hate going to the web client just for the Migration Wizard? Want to quickly move VMs around between a vDS and vSS or vice versa? Well wait no more 🙂

In the vSphere Client, navigate to Home –> Inventory –> Networking, click on the vDS (or vSS) on the left pane and open the Virtual Machines Tab.



Select your desired VMs (in our case, we’ll pick Win8-01 & Win8-02) and drag and drop onto the desired port group on the left. The vSphere client will quickly and almost effortlessly migrate all selected VMs to the port group. Simple huh?

drap and drop




By the way, I couldn’t figure out a way to use Drag & Drop within the vSphere Web Client. Guess we’ll have to stick with the Migrate Networking Wizard when we want to simultaneously migrate many VMs.



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