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Radware AppDirector – Reset to Factory Defaults

Radware AppDirector – Reset to Factory Defaults

While working with the AppDirector for a few years now, I’ve come to find that it’s not the easiest thing to reset it back to factory defaults. Resetting Radware AppDirector is similar to breaking into a Cisco switch or router, you must reboot it and issue commands during startup.

Follow the below steps to factory reset an AppDirector to factory defaults:

1. Using a serial cable, connect to the AppDirector directly using the following settings:

  • Baud Rate – 19200
  • Flow Control – None
  • Make sure the correct COM port is selected

2. Press the enter key a few times until you get the AppDirector> prompt. Login with the correct username and password (default is radware/radware)

3. From the AppDirector# prompt, type reboot and press enter.

4. When the device begins to boot up, you will see the message “Press any key to pause autoboot…”.  Please any key on the keyboard (you have 4 seconds to do this).

5. From > prompt, type “q1” (without the quotes of course) and press enter. You will be asked if you really want to remove the configuration. Press Y to confirm.

6. When the erase is complete and the > prompt returns, type “@” and press enter.

7. The AppDirector will reset to factory defaults and the Startup Configuration screen will be presented.

8. Configure the properties you require.


A few additional commands to help you get back on the network:

Setting the IP on an Interface:

net ip-interface create <IP Address> <Subnet Mask> <Interface>


net ip-interface create G6

Setting the default gateway for AppDirector:

net route table create <IP Address> <Subnet> <Router IP> -i <Interface>


net route table create -i G6

Enable Web Based Management:

manage web status set enable

Enable Telnet access to the AppDirector (and set the time-out)

manage telnet status set enable

manage telnet session-timeout set 60 (numeric value = minutes)

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