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Removing Host from DRS Cluster

Removing Host from DRS Cluster

Normally, removing a host requires that the host be put into maintenance mode. This, of course, requires that you either power off or evacuate all VMs from said host. If you try to remove from vCenter you’ll get the error message: A host must be in maintenance mode before it is removed.


host error message


However, what if you want to move a host while keeping all VMs running? For example, say you want to migrate an active host from one vCenter to another without downtime. This can be accomplished by the steps below:

  1. Right click host – choose Disconnect
  2. Right click disconnected host – choose Remove from Inventory.

Don’t forget that you must remove all vCenter dependencies from the host, such as removing from a vDistributed Switch. Check here for a list of steps you should and must do before removing from a vCenter server.



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    If my Vcenter crashed how can i remove a host ?


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