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Shavlik – Nice to Meet You

Shavlik – Nice to Meet You

One of the biggest struggles in IT is finding an easy and consistent method for maintaining all your systems. Laptops, Desktops, Tablets and Servers all provide unique issues when it comes to patching, updating and keeping them secure. For workstations we can rely on Microsoft/Windows update, but what about all those other 3rd party applications and in-house applications?  For Servers we can’t really just set them to patch whenever updates are available because we risk causing major outages in production.  For laptops how do we keep them compliant when half the time they never connect to our network to maintain them?  This is where Shavlik Protect comes in.

shavlikprotectKeeping all the machines in your environment up-to date and secure doesn’t have to be a major headache. Shavlik can be deployed within minutes and you can be up and running without any major learning curves. With being asked to handle so many tasks, who has time to spend days learning how to use a product. In the end, we need simplified processes to help us run a more efficient and agile environment, but while doing that we have to make sure they are secure.

This is going to be a brief summary of the main benefits and features of Shavlik Protect. Future articles will provide deeper dives into the technical side.

Application Support:  Shavlik does keep your windows operating system up-to date, but we can also patch a wide range of 3rd party applications.  Now with one tool you can maintain some of the more prominent applications such as  Adobe Acrobat/Reader, Flash, iTunes, Citrix XenApp, Firefox, Chrome, VMware and many more.  For a full list check HERE.

Ease of Use:  Within 30 minutes you can have Shavlik deployed and managing your systems. There are no major setup issues to worry about and you can pretty much deploy it out of the box and start scanning your Domain and remediation on security issues.  The console is intuitive and easy to use and doesn’t require any special training or skills to start using immediately

VMware Integration:  Most environments I’ve come across have some level and VMware deployments. Protect can keep track of your vCenter Servers as well as your ESXi hosts. With Protect you can scan your hosts and deploy any pertinent security bulletins that are missing and needed. All your VMs are treated like any other machine and can be maintained the same way as your physical environment.



Custom Patching:  Protect can support any custom built or in-house application with it’s built in custom patching system. Using a simple wizard-like built in interface you can easily create custom patch files. Once the custom patch is built you can then scan your environment and start deploying or updating those applications.custompatch

Reporting:  Protect comes with many built-in reports that detail everything from Machine Patch status details to Seat License Count for applications. All reports can be filtered and customized easily and exported to a number of formats.

Notifications:  Protect can be setup to notify you when patch scan are complete or when deployments are done.  In the email notification you can select which of the built in reports you would like sent.

Agent/Cloud Agent:  Protect gives you the ability to deploy a lightweight agent to any of your machines.  The agent can be configured to scan and/or deploy and missing patches.  The agent policies can be customized to scan/deploy on a schedule and setup with various options for the deployment.  The cloud agent is a godsend for all those laptops that you can never seem to catch on the network.  The agent on the machines communicates to the cloud for status, patching etc and the cloud then sends all that information back to your console.  This allows you to maintain a workstation even if it never connect to your network again


Antivirus & Antispyware:  Protect has ThreatTrack Security VIPRE Antivirus + Antispyware engine fully built in and integrated into the Agent.  From the same console that you use to patch and update your machines, you can now manage AV on your systems.


There are many great features and benefits to using Shavlik Protect for your management needs. This tool makes the job quick and easy and alleviates the headaches of manually patching. Shavlik doesn’t need hours of training or implementation and can easily be deployed into your environment without a major cost or complexity.  With this tool you can automate a lot of the system management that is pertinent in today’s IT environments and simplify the process saving your company time and money.


About The Author

Dan Kelly

Graduating from college in 2002 with a bachelors in Computer Science, I quickly became aware that my degree didn’t really prepare me for a real-world career. Not having the time and/or patience to take more college courses I set upon trying to teach myself the real world tools I would need to be successful. I quickly realized that I learn extremely well when I can take something I read/hear and then take it to the real world and do it. Nowadays, you can’t be successful if you don’t have a working knowledge of many process, applications, platforms etc and build your IT Toolbox to be able to fix pretty much anything. Most of the time you can find information you need in books and classes, but those don’t give you the real-world solutions and information that you need right now pertaining to your problem. I have gathered a lot of tips, secrets and knowledge of a multitude of IT related areas, but I can always gain more and wanted a place to share the things I’ve learned along the way. ITDiversified gives that platform for knowledge sharing and hopefully it can become a sort of cross-training ground for many IT professionals who need a nice central repository of knowledge on demand.

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