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vCenter Operations Manager – Creating Dynamic Groups

vCenter Operations Manager – Creating Dynamic Groups

Creating Dynamic groups within vCOps allows you to create a group based on user-defined criteria for different types of resources. Not only does this allow you to ensure you’ve captured all required resources, it can automatically add newly created resources to the group as you grow. For example, say you want to create a group to keep an eye on all your SQL servers for performance reasons. Creating a dynamic group with criteria stating that the name should include “sql” will automatically select all matching servers. At the same time it will make sure that any newly created servers are easily added so they are included without having to manual update each group.

Looking for information on nesting dynamic (or static) groups? Check out our post here.

For this example, we’ll create a dynamic group for production SQL servers. From the screenshot below, you can see we have deployed 3 production SQL servers as well as 3 development SQL servers for testing.





1) First, log into the vSphere UI (<IP Address>/vcops-vsphere). Click Actions and New Group.

create new group


2) Fill out the Name, Description, Type, Policy. Make sure to choose Dynamic as the Membership Type and select the option to Update group members automatically.


sql group create



3) Configure the Search Criteria as needed. For this example, we’ll look at the server names and search for ‘SQL’. Using the Preview feature, you can see we’ve found ALL the SQL servers, not just production. Let’s add additional search criteria to make sure we only get Production servers for this group.

*Note: The search criteria can use multiple criteria entries within the same rule set which essentially makes it an “AND” criteria. So looking for resources with “A” AND “B”. You can also add a new rule set which creates an “OR” criteria, looking for “A” OR “B”.

sql criteria



4) Click on Add a new criteria and search for the phrase “prod”. Using the Preview feature shows us the members we’re looking for. Finish out the wizard to create the dynamic group.

prod sql criteria


5) We now have our group with the desired members. But does it update automatically? Let’s see.


1.  Verify Group Membership

verify membership


2.  Create New Production SQL Server

create new sql



3.  Verify New Server was Automatically Added to Group


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