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vCenter Operations Manager – Installing the SNMP Adapter

vCenter Operations Manager – Installing the SNMP Adapter

If you’re not aware, vCenter Operations Manager is able to monitor devices outside of it’s vCenter realm with the help of additional adapters. Some of the external adapters include things like SCOM, NetApp, Hyperic, and Configuration Manager. However, there is also a SNMP adapter which allows you to import MIBs and poll devices for information. This can enable you to create dashboards that include the ability to display things like power supply status, server fan and temperature status, and keep an eye on those physical hard drives without walking the datacenter everyday. Below you’ll find a step by step process to get the SNMP adapter installed and ready to roll. 1) Download the SNMP adapter found here. 2) Log into the vCOps Admin page: <IP Address>/admin.

Default Credentials:

User: root

Password: vmware

3) Click the Update tab and select the update package we downloaded in step 1. You should use the .pak file if you’re using the vApp version of vCOps and the .tgz file if you’re using the standalone version. update admin page   4) Click Update. The application will warn you that there is no turning back and you should backup your UI/Analytics VMs before you move forward. I’d suggest you do so 🙂 5) Accept the EULA (after reading all of it of course) and click Ok. 6) The application will alert you that it will log you out of the UI portal and restart the services after updating. Click OK to continue. update   7) After the update has completely successfully you’ll need to log into the custom UI and start the describe process. This can be found under the Admin –> Support Page and then under the Info tab. The Describe button is at the top right of the Adapters Info section. describe   8) After waiting for about 3-5 minutes, you’ll see the SNMP Adapter appear under the Adapters Info section. snmp adapter   9) Last but not least, you can now configure Adapter Instances to use for polling devices. You’ll find this under Environment –> Configuration –> Adapter Instances.

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Import Custom MIBs to monitor Devices via SNMP



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