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vExpert Stickers – 2016

vExpert Stickers – 2016

To me, the vExpert recognition means only one thing: community. As I’ve written in the past, I attribute much of my own success to the vExpert community…..years and years before I was accepted as one. The vExpert community has given me so much, whether it was content to learn or conversations on Twitter, my personal participation resulted in a group of people I consider close friends. I strived to become vExpert by giving back to the IT community with knowledge sharing in form of blogging, engaging with folks via Twitter and LinkedIn, and helping mentor others who strive to grow and advance their career.

It should also be clear that vExpert is not a technical certification; it is merely an award for evangelism and advocacy of VMware products and services. However, it doesn’t mean it’s not awesome. Access to trial keys, beta programs, special webinars, and the general community make striving for the title well worth the effort. Now that you’re a member of this stellar community, why not show it off with a vExpert sticker.

This year, I decided to do something different than I’ve done in the past. This year’s stickers are similar to what other vendors have done where the years designated as vExpert are signified by a star. You’ll have the choice to pick from 1-5 stars (I know a select few have been vExpert for longer than 5 years but I can only order each design with a minimum of 50 – plus the sticker looked awfully crowded with more than 5 🙂 ).

vexpert stickers




If are you are in the United States, please use the form below. International requests can be made here.

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