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VMware vCOPS – Custom UI & Active Directory Integration

VMware vCOPS – Custom UI & Active Directory Integration

After installing VMware vCenter Operations Manager and all your configuration is completed in the admin console, the first place I head to is the Custom UI. The custom UI allows you to access VMware provided dashboards as well as a place to create customizable dashboards to fit your needs. Although the vSphere UI utilizes the accounts already setup in vCenter, the Custom UI console does not and must be individually modified to allow domain users. Below are the steps to import domain accounts into the Custom UI and configure their access.

 Default vCOPS Accounts:

  • User: admin Password: admin
  • User: root Password: vmware

1) Log into the Custom UI by browsing to https://<IP Address>/vcops-custom

  • This should be the IP address assigned to the UI VM – not the Analytics VM
  • You can also just type /custom and it’ll redirect you to the proper address.

2) Log in as admin and the password you set within the /admin console. See below for default accounts.

3) Under the Admin menu, select Security:



4) Click the “Import from LDAP” icon on the right side under User Accounts to open the “Import Users” window:



5) Once in the “Import Users” window, click ‘add’ to configure the connection to a LDAP server in the “Manage LDAP Host” window:



6) Fill out the details of your LDAP server, including IP, port, username field, and authentication. Click ok when done.

For the username field (remember these are case sensitive):

  • If you use UserPrincipleName your username to login to the Custom UI page will be formatted as ‘[email protected]’.
  • If you use sAMAccountName your username to login to the Custom UI page will be formatted as ‘user’. I prefer this one.

**Note: sAMAccountName doesn’t appear in the dropdown list so you’ll need to type it in.

For the Base DN (distinguished name) you can simply use the domain name or drill down to a particular OU. For example, Domain Admins might be “CN=Domain Admins,CN=Users,DC=Domain,DC=com”.




7) Now that you’ve added your LDAP information you can search for users to import. Select the server from the drop down list and click lookup.



8) Users can now be selected either individually or you can choose to import all users under the OU.

  • Select the ‘Import All’ box at the OU level and modify the drop down  list (big red arrow) to set all users below as Administrators, Operators, or Users. Click ok when done.
  • Alternatively, select individual users under each OU (smaller arrows) and choose what level access you wish to assign. Click ok when done.



9) Back on the User Management window you should now be able to see the imported users in the Account Groups. They will also be listed on the right side as well. Remember that the format shown in the table is the format you must use to log in:



10) Log out of the Custom UI and test your access using domain authentication.

Important vCOPS links:


  • vSphere UI: https://<IP Address>/vcops-vsphere
  • Admin Console: https://<IP Address>/admin
  • Custom UI: https://<IP Address>/vcops-custom/



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