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VMware vRealize Log Insight – Monitoring Synology Appliances

VMware vRealize Log Insight – Monitoring Synology Appliances

VMware vRealize Log Insight provides an easy way to gather logs and events from VMware products and anything else that can send syslog events. Log Insight also features the ability to easily import/export Content Packs which can feature customized queries, dashboards, and alerts for specific products. These can provide the administrator with immediate access to events and information regarding their infrastructure without having to create the queries themselves. One of the available Content Packs available for download is for the Synology DSM. This allows you to monitor any DSM specific alerts and report on them.


To get started with the Synology Content Pack, download it here. You can also check out other available Content Packs for Log Insight here.

To install the Content Pack, click the Menu in the top right corner and click Content Packs.

Synology - Menu for Install


Once you’re at the Content Packs page, you can view all Packs that have been imported. You’ll noticed that VMware – vSphere is already imported for you. Click the “Import Content Pack” option at the bottom left.

Synology - Import Content Pack

Select the file downloaded from VMware (Synology_DSM.vlcp) and Import. You should now see the Synology Content Pack on the left and can view information within the right pane. It will also display an interactive list of Dashboards, Queries, Alerts, and Extracted Fields that can be used to view information from your Synology appliance. You can click on any of these to immediate see the results within the Interactive Analysis tab.

Synology - Imported Content Pack

The next step is to configure the Synology appliance to send logs to Log Insight. Log into the Synology DSM, click the Main Menu and open the Log Center configuration. Select “Log Sending” on the left and enter your Log Insight information on the right. You can also click the “Send Test Log” button to initiate a test log to be sent which can be verified within Log Insight.


synology log sending

Back within Log Insight, let’s see if we’ve got anything. Under the Interactive Analysis tab, let’s filter down the alerts to find our Synology logs. Choose “Add Filter” to create the first level of filters. Select “hostname” from the first dropdown and type the name of your Synology system in the text box to the right. Mine is simply called DiskStation, so we’ll use that. Once you hit enter you can immediately see our Test Message that we sent. Success.

Synology - Filter for Test Log


Now that we have imported the Content Pack and verified that the Synology appliance is sending data, let’s create some more data to look at.

For this test, I’ve purposely tried multiple invalid accounts against the DSM to create logs regarding failed log in attempts. Let’s take a look at them within Log Insight now.

Synology Failed Logon Attempts - Query


As you can see from the screenshot above, it’s extremely easy to find failed log in attempts using Log Insight. Even better is the ability to quickly add this query to a Dashboard, Create an Alarm, or save the query for future use by using the buttons to the right of the search area. Below is a screenshot of a Dashboard with a custom widget created using the exact query shown above.

Synology Failed Logon Attempts - Dashboard


As you can see, using Log Insight can provide a quick and powerful view into logs from all types of systems along with the ability to create custom dashboards and queries based on what’s important to you.



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