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VMware vRealize Log Insight – Monitoring vCenter Logs (Windows Installation)

VMware vRealize Log Insight – Monitoring vCenter Logs (Windows Installation)

With VMware vRealize Log Insight, you can create custom queries to view or monitor any type of log file. Monitoring vCenter and ESXi servers is a fairly simple process in which the setup wizard helps you through. Howver, if you want to monitor physical servers are specific Windows events, you can easily do this using the Windows agent. By default, the Windows agent includes the following settings:

     ; Force agent reconnection every 30 minutes.





However, you can customize the agent settings to pull additional information from specific servers or utilize the global settings to push settings to all agents. In this example, we’ll modify the liagent.ini file to pull vCenter logs from a Windows installation.

1. Install the Log Insight agent on your Windows server. The installer can be found under Log Insight –> Administration –> Agents page.

2. After installing the agent, open the configuration file C:\ProgramData\VMware\Log Insight Agent\liagent.ini

3. Append the following to the file and save.

       directory=C:\ProgramData\VMware\VMware VirtualCenter\Logs

4. Restart the VMware Log Insight Agent service.


For the fun of it, let’s test to make sure it’s working. Open Log Insight to the Interactive Analytics tab. Create a new filter and filter by message text of “virtualcenter”. As you can see from below, the messages from the vpxd-*.log files are being successfully sent to Log Insight.

vCenter logs

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