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VMware vSphere Update Manager – Patch Notifications

VMware vSphere Update Manager – Patch Notifications

Not much of an introduction needed here – we all know patching is important. And it can be a burden, and it should be mandated by your security team. We also know that it’s time consuming and not the most exciting item in the day-to-day operations tasks list. Sometimes it simply becomes a forgotten chore. However, are you aware that you can be notified by both VMware and your own vCenter when new patches are released?

To be notified when VMware release patches to the public, you can utilize the mailing list VMware offers on their site here.

vmware patch

The vSphere Update Manager service also offers the ability to send out emails when it has downloaded new patches from it’s download sources or repositories. To configure this ‘hidden’ setting, do the following:

1) Under the Home view within vCenter, click Update Manager under Solutions and Applications.

2) Click the Configuration tab, then Download Schedule on the left. Click Edit Download Schedule….

download settings



3) Click Next and add your email address in the provided text box. Complete the setup wizard.




4) Last but not least, make sure to configure your SMTP settings for vCenter under Administration –> vCenter Server Settings –> Mail.

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