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vRealize Operations Manager – Missing Action Buttons

vRealize Operations Manager – Missing Action Buttons

As demonstrated in this post, one of the new features in vRealize Operations Manager 6 is the presentation of Action Buttons to the user when a VM is determined to be critically low on resources. However, upon my initial deployment I noticed that these buttons were not available, even after digging into the specific VM alerts.



It turns out that the Action Buttons are driven by the vCenter Python Actions Adapter rather than the normal vCenter Adapter. Without the vCenter Python Actions Adapter configured vROps doesn’t display the action buttons as it lacks valid credentials to make the changes in vCenter. To configure the vCenter Python Actions Adapter and the ability to use the action buttons, follow the quick steps below:

1. From the vROps Home screen, click on Administration on the navigation panel on the left. With “Solutions” selected in the navigation panel, select the “VMware vSphere” solution on the right panel. Click the Gear icon to configure.



2. Configure the vCenter Python Actions Adapter as shown below, providing the adapter with vCenter server name and valid credentials to make the connection. Do this for each vCenter server you wish to utilize Action Buttons.



3. Once configured and tested, you should be able to utilize the action buttons immediately. Open the same alert as show above and you should now see the Action button.


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